What Is The Maximum Quantity of Fruit Which You Can Eat At A Time ?

@AKRao24 (25290)
October 24, 2008 11:05pm CST
Sounds funny, No ? But I am serious! I have seen people eating about a dozen of big sized bananas in one stretch. I have seen people eating about a Kg of grapes or apples at a time with utmost ease.een people eating whole of water melon of an average size! I am talking about the people eating in normallife! It is not any competiton I am talking about! For me it is very difficult to eat more fruit at a time maximum I can consume isabout 250 to 300 gms of any fruit at atime and ten skipping other meals for that time! I think fruits are not only rich in nutients and tasty but they are bulky too. I have seen people eating dozens of mangoes at a time during the season.My question is Can you have a big amount of fruit at atime as mentioned above? What is the maximum amount of fruit ou can have at a time? And what isthe maximum amount you had so far any time in your life ? Kindly Respond! Thanks!
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@srikool (936)
• India
25 Oct 08
hi..minimum i can take half fruit..take that fruit as a apple ..atmost i can take two apples..hhaa mora than that i didnt try..i will tell after trying like taht..bt my borthers are take much fruit more than me..i think boys can take some more amount..for me..atmost two fruits..still i didint think about his..i will try to eat much today..lol.have anice time with mylot
@tuyakiki (3017)
• India
25 Oct 08
I am sorry to speak about my eating habit.If I take an apple or a banana,I don't feel like eating for two or three hours. I cannot eat to many fruits.
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