Is there limitation of search time on Homepages Friends?

October 25, 2008 1:34am CST
I signed up a weeks ago.every day I search more than 30 times ,but the account of each day in detail shows 23 there anybody who knows thesituation?your account limitation also is 23 times? thank you!
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@snam23 (3158)
• United States
25 Oct 08
Supposedly, there is supposed to be no limit on how many searches you can do a day on My Homepage Friends. However, repeated searches of the same thing would not count more than once, and I think if you search too fast, they will not count some of those also. I have just checked my account and can see that the greatest amount I have searched in one day is 48 times. So make sure you are not searching too fast and remember that only unique searches count toward your account balance.
• India
25 Oct 08
well let me warn you my friend tht is a scam!!!
@flowerhorn (1008)
• Malaysia
25 Oct 08
I don't know about Homepages Friends now but in the past I have made 60 searches a day and it were all recorded. Since they revamp their site, the rules has been getting stricter and stricter and payment has been lagging a lot longer. My July still haven't been paid till today. Don't make so many searches a day as they will also ban you. And make sure you visit those sites that you searched. If not, they might say you are performing fraud search!