How well is IE 8

October 25, 2008 10:22am CST
from It’s here and it’s finally here. I’m talking about the public beta for Internet Explorer 8. Now it may seem premature to be so excited, especially about a BETA 1 release. We’ll let me digress and explain why I’ve felt such keen anticipation. At first look, Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t seem much different from version 7. In fact, most of the base features are the same. Therefore, XP users who are still reeling over the complete Vista interface overhaul can relax – it still looks like Internet Explorer. However, they’ve packed in some cool new features. Let’s look at what they are and discuss how this newest browser will not only be more fun to use, but actually help you be more productive. IE 8 has five new or improved features for the end user. (A little later I’ll cover some of the “under the hood” adjustments in this new release.). Then from any webpage, your updated content will appear with bold type. Clicking on the item will open a view to give you an update. From here, you can either open the full page or delete the WebSlice (without ever leaving your current page).
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@lorry86 (77)
• China
25 Oct 08
There is not much diffrent with IE7.the new features packed in have fewer practical use.Maybe it become more safer.I have get habit to use IE7,I won't change recently.
@owlwings (43987)
• Cambridge, England
25 Oct 08
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