Where do you sit when it is raining?

@Masmasika (1921)
October 25, 2008 10:45am CST
I usually sit by the window and watch the rain fall on the ground. And while watching the rainfall, I create stories in my mind. I think rain makes me think seriously and it makes me creative. I often did that when I was a young girl. Now that i am old, I still want to watch the rain. Sometimes i open the door and watch the rain fall on the leaves of the plants outside the house and sometimes I stay by the window and watch the rain. Rain seems so lovely and it makes me alive when I watch the rain falling. it is music to my ears when they make sound on the roof. Rain, rain, rain..........
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• United States
25 Oct 08
Right now it is actually raining, and since I am on my computer I am next to a big window which all of my cats are huddled around, they seem to be amused by watching the rain as well. Watching the cats watching the rain seems to be better than watching the rain hehe. I like rain, and we have needed it for a while, but now I am hoping that it ceases when I go to work in an hour and a half, I hate driving in the rain and I really don't want to get wet while going to my car and then walking into my job, it makes me look disheveled haha. It is making a lovely sound though, since it is autumn you can hear the rain hitting the crunchy leaves. Well anyways, have a great day or night and happy mylotting to you!
• India
25 Oct 08
At times when I am busy, i hardly notice that it is raining.I only realise much later that it had rained. I hardly get time to enjoy the rain. When I do get time i try to sit in the balcony and let the gusts of wind blow water droplets all ove my body. i get drenched but not directly under th pouring rain. it is fun to feel the chill penetrate your skin.