Beware of free screensavers with adware and spyware !!

October 25, 2008 11:09am CST
Some free screensaver download sites advertise spyware-free screensaver downloads but ask the downloader to install adware as part of the free screensaver download package. The adware could potentially be regarded as spyware in itself. Free screensavers are the perfect applications to hide spyware and adware. When a screensaver is installed using an executable file application, the user can unknowingly be installing spyware and adware onto their computer as well. This is because the installation process is not transparent - the user does not know what programs are being installed on their computer because this process is being hidden from them. Once the malicious software ( nicknamed malware ) is installed, it will then run in the background with the user oblivious to its actions. A number of sites will guarantee their screensaver software is spyware and adware free but the user should be very wary when the downloaded screensaver file comes in the form of an executable file. This may contain malicious software, the installation of which the average internet user will be completely unaware of; and once the spyware and adware is installed on a computer it is difficult to trace how and when it got there. This allows any site suspected of offering unwanted malware with its screensavers to plead its innocence due to lack of evidence. So what is any guarantee worth if the consequences of not honoring it can be excused or avoided? Not very much at all in the case of screensaver executable files. facts from
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25 Oct 08
screensaver sites are some of the worst for viruses..but also the "free cursor" sites as well.once you install that .exe,you have a big mess to deal with.
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@Dumpertaker (1187)
10 Apr 10
It's amazing how many people get caught out by sites like this now. People, please be careful when going to site for free stuff, and make sure you have software to protect you from spyware/malware and viruses.