If you can be a super hero for 24hours, what would you do?

October 25, 2008 8:30pm CST
As above, i am curious what you guys will do if you can be a super hero for 24 hours. As for me i am really not sure whether what i will do, perhaps i will nab those villians out there? and help those in need? Share with us whats the superhero that you would like to be? for me i would like to be spiderman, because he seems so cool and i like its spider costume. CHeers
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• United States
26 Oct 08
Hi! If I could be a superhero for a day, I would like to be Superman. I can do so many things at fast speed and can still do things right. That way, I could multitask and solve all my problems, and all other people's problems as well. I could also go to outer space and see what's beyond. Maybe there's a better world out there...
• Philippines
26 Oct 08
If I will be given a chance to be a super hero even for 24 hours only, I help those who are in need at least even for 24 hours I was able to do good to others. I will also try to locate those who most wanted criminals so they can no longer do bad things or commit crimens. And if it's still possible, I will do my best to clean those polluted areas, to save mother earth.
• China
26 Oct 08
i wanna be a superman then, i think he is more powerful, because he can fly, and i want to fly too, i will fly so many place, visit different kind of place, enjoy the moment that i can breathe in the high way, haha, it is really so cool, it seem i am a birdman, not a superman, but it is ok, i will help others who need help, i think the superman can do all the things.