Are you happy with your life currently?

October 25, 2008 10:59pm CST
Hi fellow lotters, as above. I am happy with my life currently except that i am still in national service. I have a great family who cares for me and have some very good friends too. What about you? are you happy with your life? if not tell us some reasons why are you not happy with it? in my opinion i think we should live happily as we only live once. Cheers~
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• Philippines
26 Oct 08
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I am very happy with my life now. Especially now that I'm expectging my first baby in four month's time. I'm so exciting to see my baby and my baby's movement inside my tummy makes me more excited and happy.
@zhaosonghan (1039)
• China
26 Oct 08
I satisfied with currently life,i always think that i have a job,i can work,i have friends,i am happy...whether job is good or bad,at least i can earn money from it.Everyone should satisfied currently life,it doesn't mean that you stop your step,we don't always complain the life treat us badly or else,we should think it is lucky the things don't became worse,if you do like this,you will feel that the life is beautiful.