Samsung SCH U940 Glyde

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@amitavroy (4821)
October 26, 2008 12:22am CST
This phone is Samsung's version of a touch phone with all the features that you can also find in an IPhone. Aside from calling and texting, there is an internet access, camera/camcorder with good resolution, GPS navigator, music and games upload capability, and tons of other minor features (like currency converter and tip computation). The problem with this phone is that it is sometimes difficult to make a quick phone call if you're using the touchphone features. You still have to slide it in order to get to the right menu because even after adjusting the sensitivity, there would always be problems. Browsing through the internet is a pain, too! It takes too much time to get adjusted to the touch features. The icons are too small. If you're for the features and the appearance, plus you are patient to learn how to work the phone faster, then this phone would be great for you!
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