baby's love of music

@aringwi (136)
October 26, 2008 4:09am CST
My son is just 8-month old.But seven months ago,when he was playing on the bed and watching TV,he listened to the main song of the TV series Country Love.He was so absorbed in the music that he stopped crying and playing.From then on,he enjoys the song so much.Once he feels unhappy ,we make him listen to the song Who Is My Bridegoom.I have learned to sing the song.By singing this song ,I make him sleep at night.Before this ,I never believe the baby can understand and appreciate music.But now I am completely convinced.
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• China
28 Oct 08
It'S true! And from now on ,everyone should know baby is musician,because them have the chaste heart and simple mind!
• United States
26 Oct 08
Oh yes, babies absorb everything around them immediately from birth and music has always been said to be great soother evne when the baby is in the womb. When my son was still in my tummy and i was bout 7months pregnant, i decided it would be ok to go to a reba macentire concert. We werent near the speakers so i knew it wouldnt be overly loud. Well shortly after i had him he had been lying on a blanket on the floor and i had her album on, and i also seen a response in him that seemed to be affected by the music. To this day, he loves when i play any of her music...he is now 5. He knows the voice and her music very well, if i turn it on before the words start to a song he says mom thats could be cuz i played it throughout the years but its not on a daily basis or anything...there just msut be something about the voices or the instruments used in music that connects with the child...just like us adults.