Best advice you ever received on myLot...

@Shar11 (419)
United States
October 26, 2008 3:04pm CST
I am fairly new at this..I joined a while back and posted a little bit but then stayed away for a long time because of a new more demanding job.. Well I am back and have to say that I love a lot of the advice I have received on the different topics I have posted.. I still would have to give it a little more time here before I can decided exactly what the best advice I got on here was but so far I have had some fantastic responses. I was curious if anyone ever received advice here and applied it to there life and if it was a very positive experience for you.. It's pretty nice that you can have a number of people who may think differently introduce you to a new concept or way of thinking...
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@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
26 Oct 08
i have had this topic about what age should parents start teaching responsibility to kids and aside from one member who was sarcastic about her post....others were really great. i have come to realize that everyone does do the same about teaching their kids about responsibility as young as their child can be. others share about how they spoiled their kids and now they regret it