salary for nurses

October 26, 2008 4:46pm CST
Don't you find that salary for nurses is a bit too low.Sometimes they do two jobs to make a decent living.They do have to study very hard and they are not really compensated.Good health is important to everyone,don't you think that those who provide it,should be adequately compensated. Researcher231951.
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• United States
26 Oct 08
Hi! In my country (the Philippines), there are so many students studying Nursing in the hope that they would land a job in the US. I am currently a teacher here in the US, and if you compare the amount of money one would be getting as a nurse (or a teacher, for that matter) in my country, that is nothing compared to the salary that he/she would be getting here in the US. Despite the economic letdown, there's still a demand for nurses here. But the American parents who are nurses that I communicate with here in the US would tell me that their paycheck, indeed, is not enough. I guess it really depends on the situation.