Ready to get The Dirt on the Last Five Years?!

United States
October 26, 2008 5:30pm CST
Well, the ads say that we will find out alot of what happened in the five year jump in the show tonight! I'm looking forward to seeing the aftermath of the whole thing with Katherine. We really haven't seen alot of her so far this season. Other than being ticked at Bree because she's getting all the credit for their joint efforts! (Can't say I blame her there). Any theories on what we'll see?
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@zww425 (80)
• China
3 Nov 08
I was wondering wether Gabby will lead a weathy life in the future. Did she really get fat in the reality? I was heard that Katherine's daughter is about to marry in the season 5. And I am curious how's Juli looks like in the season 5!
@sunshine4 (8707)
• United States
26 Oct 08
I can't wait to see what happened in the last five years. I have been wondering why they haven't done more flashbacks so we could see what happened. I bet it will be a great show!
@samijo719 (1054)
• United States
26 Oct 08
I don't really have any theories but I am really very anxious to see what happend in the 5 years we missed. I felt like inthe beginning of the season when they gave those short snippets it just wasn't enough to fully get everything that happend over the 5 years we missed so this episode is the first one I've been super anxious for this season!