Do you love to cook

@maean_19 (4660)
October 26, 2008 11:02pm CST
Cooking was never my cup of tea, but I love to eat. . lol.....Though, when I started moving out and live independently, I began to like cooking. I used to eat out with friends or even buy my foods outside and take it home. Now that prices are getting higher, I decided to cook for myself. I am learning and even experimenting. Sometimes, my friends come to visit me in my place and request to cook for them. It's overwhelming when they give good remarks with the food or dish I cook. Am loving it....
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@dwcorona (187)
• United States
27 Oct 08
I never used to like to cook but I loved to eat!!! After I had my boys I started cooking more, once I started I realized I really enjoyed it! Since I like to eat so much it works perfect! I usually cook what I know they will eat but sometimes I like to try something different!
@subha12 (18452)
• India
27 Oct 08
yes i love to. i can cook from young age. at time si like to try out new receipes.
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@23uday (2998)
• India
27 Oct 08
Hi buddies, Yes, i love cooking.It gves me an immense pleasure while cooking.It involves creativity.I love serving more than cooking.When serving the food which i cooked. I love to try cooking all kinds of dishes.The food becomes more tasty when one cooks with pleasant mind.It also boosts up creativity.We may find difficulty in the initial states but we start cooking.enjoy cooking!!!! Now every one are cooking food whether its a men or women both are cooking loversss.So,have you ever love while cooking a food?
@my125125 (821)
• Malaysia
27 Oct 08
I don't really cook, busy for working, sometime also lazy to cook for just two person, I always eat out side. And I love to eat!
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@Heidi33 (13)
• China
27 Oct 08
I don't like cooking,the main reason for it is that I am busy with studying,so no time for me to cook.
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@gyramary (152)
• Italy
12 Nov 08
Hi i enjoy so much cooking, i like prepare myself the meal for my family. I have lot of cooking books where i always find new recipes see you
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