Are you a superstitious person?

October 27, 2008 4:02am CST
As above, are you a superstitious person? i mean like not wearing black colour clothes to weddings, not walking under a ladder, not walking on if a black cat cross your path? personally, i consider myself a superstitious person to a certain, theres a saying, rather believe it than something bad happens. Have you experienced anything bad happening to you because of your superstitious beliefs?
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• United States
27 Oct 08
i am a little bit. i don't take any chances. i don't walk under a ladder, don' open an umbrella in the house & a few more.
@sandymay16 (1617)
• Philippines
27 Oct 08
i'm not a superstitious person but i have not dared wearing black in a wedding or else I'd be stared at hehe. I have walked under a ladder and nothing happened and I own a black cat before. But sometimes i do knock on wood 3 times out of habit, or is that not included as being superstitious?
• India
27 Oct 08
Hi I'm happy that I'm not at all a superstitious woman. Several times I have walked on when a black cat crossed my path. I was curious to know if something good or bad things happen. Well, so far nothing like that happened. And interesting when something bad happened, no sources of supertitions were involved, i guess. So I don't really bother about supertitions. If one believes in it, it just make him/her mentally weak. Makes him/her worried. Other than this nothing really happens.
@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
27 Oct 08
I am not a superstitious person at all, I even look forward to Friday 13th because in the past this particular day always turns out lucky for me! I even had a windfall on Friday 13th. I have walked under ladders before without thinking about it. I am more a believer of fate than superstition. The trouble is superstitions have a nasty habit of controlling your life or bringing unnecessary fear and worry at your door!