How does Megalido work?

October 27, 2008 6:25am CST
I'm not actually sure if this is the right place to put this question, but since Autosurfs seem to be grouped with online money-making schemes the same way GPTs are, I figured this is as good a place as any. Okay. So, megalido banners are everywhere and people whose opinions I trust have been commenting about how it works for them, that it actually does pay them, and that I should try it (under their referral, haha! I should at least be useful to them, they said, after they spent so much time convincing me. XD) So, I kinda looked and... How does autosurf work, anyway? What is that 12% for 12 days deal? I tried looking at the site itself and reading through the texts but I'm still confused on what someone has to do to earn there. Is it guaranteed that members'll earn or will it be as likely that they'll lose money (like forex)? What are the do's and don't's in autosurfs? Actually, breakdown of autosurfing and megalido would be nice, if any of you have the time. So, uhm, yes. That. Thank you very much for your time! ^_^
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• Philippines
27 Oct 08
It was my first to join in an autosurf program, like you, i got convinced and invested my money in megalido. Of course I was always skeptic. But knowing a lot has been paid, I thought I'd try and see if i get paid. I did get paid, not once, twice and I dont keep count. All I can say is the site does pay. But I don't know if when they will turn to scam. According to a guy who did some research about megalido. Check out in They have tried to check how legitimate the site is, and how honest the admin is, that he calls himself Michael Olgdan. That this identity is maybe fake. But it would be your choice to believe or not. But if you do some extensive research, autosurf program usually won't last long. So if you have $6 to spare. Then you can play and play. But keep in mind that nothing that is too good is true. It's a risk. If you wont take a chance and play, then its your choice. :D