what really makes a good listener?

United States
October 27, 2008 8:19am CST
well here i am, asking a question many people must have an opionion on, what makes a truely goos listener? is is someone with ears and mind open? or is it someone who listens to the one talking with closed lips, truthfully there are many kinds of listening in the world of ours the question is, what kind of listener are you? what really makes a good listener? i've found that alot of people come to me for an ear to talk to, though some may not like what they hear from me, noone looking for opinion should never really ask for one, but i wonder, how do you in all honesty listen to people?
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@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
27 Oct 08
People has different needs. Some of them want to be heard so that they would get feedback of what they've said. Some people just wanted to be heard because they need to share the load. Some people wanted to be heard because they wanted to spread the information. A good listener is someone who would really able to differentiate the needs of each groups and acts towards the needs with the suitable actions. I don;t think I am a good listener since sometimes I just make some mistakes in reacting on something
• Singapore
27 Oct 08
Why u think about how to be a good listener,but not to consider about the feeling of the teller.In my opinion ,If the people feel good after talking with u,u've already been a good listener
• China
29 Oct 08
For example,i'm a newcomer here.I must learn how to listen,at the same time,preper to open mouth bit by bit.Just cause my voice isn't sweet! Be a good listener,enjoying speak to youself is the first step.Only have a wonderful chat with youself,can you step more near to the success.
@wafujay (115)
• Philippines
27 Oct 08
physically, a good listener shold have EARS.^_^ and charateristics? hmmm a good listener should have tons of PATIENCE and should also be understanding and specially not bias. to be able to give creative advice..