Ex wants me back. What should I do?

United States
October 27, 2008 8:36am CST
My boyfriend of two years recently dumped me for some other girl. And now he wants me back. He says he dumped me to be with her, to see if I really was the "one" he was ment to be with. He told me that he has feeling for her that he never had for me (keep in mind they've only been dating for a week and he told me this after 3 days of dating her) and that when he's around her that he just gets happy, and that she makes him feel good, and blah blah blah. But now he tells me that he only said all of that stuff so that I would get jealous, and want him back. I did get jealous, but I didn't show it. And all it did was push me away further from him each time he would tell me something about there relationship, and what pushed me away the furthest was when he told me he was leaving me for someone else. And he expects me to be begging to come back to him? He called me and told me that he still loved me, and that he only did it so that maybe I would move back (I moved to another city for a job keep in mind also) and that pretty much he wants me back. What should I do?? Help please.
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@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
29 Oct 08
wow what a selfish little....it sounds to me like when he found something else he went for her, and most likely she broke up with him and now he wants you back. My ex told me he moved to another STATE to see if I loved him enough to move there with him. Apparently I didn't love him enough. He said all those things and pushed you away. Can you be sure he wouldn't do the same thing again?
• Philippines
27 Oct 08
The question is... do you even love him as of the moment? Do you even want him back? If your answer is all YES, make a move. Discuss matters with him. Give him a chance but this time, why not test tim though? That is to check if he is worth the second chance. Maybe he dumped you it's because he finds his comfort zone with her. Hope you could patch things up with him. Goodluck! :)