Should the United States retain Military bases in Iraqi ?

@tdavis (117)
United States
October 27, 2008 9:16am CST
As the United States has done in every country that we have occupied, should we retain military bases there after the war? I believe we should, naval, airforce and army. With the middle east being so important to the global economic interests, we have no alternative. Bases in Iraqi would allow us to protect the oil rich gulf area. Would give us staging areas for Somalia and other countries where terrorist would hide. It would allow us to monitor Iran, and take swift actions as needed, as Iraqi is located in the heart of the middle east. What are your feelings on this issue?
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@lorry86 (77)
• China
27 Oct 08
the staring point of your opinion base as following: in order to maintain and increase the U.S's hegemony in the world ,u.s can randomly encroach other small countries' my opinion ,U,S just the biggest destroyer of the international politics.The Iraq War is a best evidence.The Iraq and The middle East didn't become more peaceful as Bush expected to.on the contrary,It become more chaotic.history has proved that one who seeks hegemony comes to no good end.