(general hospital) Jason and Claudia!!

Claudia and Jason - Claudia and Jason trying to get married!!
@ebsharer (5515)
United States
October 27, 2008 1:30pm CST
FUNNY!!! I loved the scene of Jason and Claudia standing there trying to get married. When Claudia turned to Jason and said do you have any money and he gave it to her it was SOOO natural like they were a couple! I always enjoy scenes with them. There chemistry is sooo good. Its very real and carries on screen wonederfuly. The two of them although not a good couple a HOOT to watch!!! They are both so damn bull headed and oppsite. Claudia the way she speaks her mind and Jason the way he doesn't say a word!!! I LOVE IT!!! I would be intrested in seeing more of them. I like the way she fights with him! They don't fight at all - she fights him its great! When Jason does say some thing its always great !!! I think they could do a lot with those two. What do you think????
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