Considerate or not?

@lisa0502 (1725)
October 27, 2008 10:08pm CST
Do you find that when you go shopping at christmas that some people are inconsiderate? Last year when I was out shopping with my husband there was a lady that just plowed through people. Did not say excuse me or anything. She had finally approached to where we were, she rammed right into me. Then tried to run into my husband, well he was less than accomidating and did not move. Then she said to him "excuse me" in a rude tone. Well my husband being the man that he is told her that there is no excuse for her. Do you find that some people get more rude?
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@yuna15 (2707)
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
That person may be having a bad day or maybe catching up something? Well it's not an excuse though for being rude. I've encountered a lot of rude people everywhere so I really cannot pinpoint one in particular.
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• United States
28 Oct 08
lol good for your husband! i really think that the "consideration for others" and "Christmas shopping" are mutually exclusive! the way some ppl act is just beyond belief..and it does seem to be the women who are the worst offenders too, at least in my experience. besides the ppl that elbow their way to get something off the shelf, there are the ones that use the shopping cart or baby stroller as a wedge or steam roller device! one time during the whole Power Rangers xmas craze, i was waiting in a check out line of about 6 ppl. i was probably the 4th one back, so there was absolutly nothing i could do to make the line go any faster. and yet the rude and stupid woman behind me kept using the little bar thingy in the front of her BABY stroller to push against the back of my legs! and there was a baby IN the stroller! i put up with it for about 3 or 4 pushes..thinking well she isnt paying attention and doesnt realize she is right up against my legs. she did it again, so i turned and look at her..and she was STARING RIGHT AT ME! i thought its a happened again, i looked at her again and she was STILL staring right at me! she friggin new exactly what she was doing. boy that pissed me off so i turned around and said "look..pushing me with the stroller is not gonna make the cashier go any faster you idiot..not to mention that when i lose my balance im gonna fall backwards RIGHT ON YOUR CHILD!" and then i turned back around. i must have embarrassed her cause she humphed and left the line pronto! and because of crap like that during xmas time, is one of the best reasons to keep doing the majority of my shopping online! no crowds..sometimes great deals, can even ship straight to family already gift wrapped! i LOVE shopping online LOL!