If a parent choosesn't to vaccinate their child, how can their kid start school?

October 28, 2008 12:27am CST
I thought it was required that your child be up to date on all their shots before being allowed to start school? Is it fair that they let an unvaccinated child be in the school with my kid?(is that even a word^) Or do they send them to private school if they have not vaccinated?
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• Philippines
28 Oct 08
What if you are poor? We can't afford all those vaccination does it mean our children will be separated with others. Where is humanity in that sense of yours. All is fair in this world even you are rich or poor. Every one of us deserve to be respected not alianated to others unless you have this dreadfull disease. You know carlos2008 all your discussion is a bit catchy to us mylotters do you really ask this questions sincerely or just to let mylotter catch their attention and have more comments on your every discussions? Is that one of your technique?
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