Could people give their opinions on global warming?

October 28, 2008 1:20am CST
it sucks, but it's our fault,.."our"being the majority of people who don't care about the next generation,'s effects are already showing,.. but it can only get worse,.. it's up to the minority of us to slow it down... if we can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions(dramatically)we can then worry about the worlds natural resource's...
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• Philippines
28 Oct 08
Yes it sucks because we are the one affected by this global warming. There are a lot of thing right now that people are doing to control global warming but I think to no avail. Some people does not even care about it. There are a lot of campaigns even on television making people aware how to control but still they are emmitting so much carbon in the air. Those cars and factories that destroying or polluting our air and water. How to do? How to controll this big factories? Still no solution.