your most bizaar,wierd dream, bloody or whatever you want to describe it.

October 28, 2008 10:48am CST
i had this dream it felt so real and it is so funny. i dreamt that my mom was on a mob and she had done something that made the mob got angry and one day they went to our house and kill us all. i got hit a lot of times and when they though im dead and my mom they ran. afterward my older brother came and he just watch me bleed to death, but still, i have the energy to stand up and slap him and said "dont you have any plans on bringing me to a hospital? im dying already?!!" and at that point my head almost burst out and still have the chance to scold my brother. hahaha, i really find it funny and bloody. how about you? do you have a dream as funny as i have?? please share..
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