loose change coins?

@jesus777 (662)
October 28, 2008 11:13am CST
just curious? what do you do with your loose change? do you spend it bank it do you give it to your kids for there allowance or do you put it in the jar and use it for a rainy day what do you with it!!!!!! happy mylotting chow for now
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@rainmark (4302)
28 Oct 08
Hello there, i always put those change/coins in my money box and for my son money box, my hubby got money box too. So when it ready and full, we going to put it in the bank for savings and use it for future emergency. Happy posting.
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@jesus777 (662)
• Bermuda
28 Oct 08
i look at this way a penny saved is a penny earned so we need too save all we can for a rainy day!!!! happy mylotting chow for now
28 Oct 08
My old change goes in an old coffee jar, and when I have two coffee jars full, I count it up and change it up, or put it in my bank, depending on how skint I am! To coffee jars generally amounts to about 50 euros for me, I don't know what that is in other money, but it's quite a lot for me, so it's as though Christmas has come! It's funny how little things like keeping your change and counting it up one day can make you smile!
• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
I kept it in a special container and give it to my son. He then can keep any loose change or any other money that other gave to him to keep. After the loose change filled the container then we would go to the bank and deposits it to his account. This way I try to teach him to save money event though it was one cent at a time. So it would come to understand in how saving could be rewarded.
@sandymay16 (1617)
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
hi, I use the loose change in paying for fare or when the cahsier at the grocery or department store ask for some change so she will not give me anymore loose change. Other loose change I put it in a jar and give it to the church during the fellowship of the least coin. My 8 year old nephew also has a jar which I putin some change too for him to use during the holidays.
@fasttalker (2796)
• United States
28 Oct 08
I have two change jars in my house. One is in the coat closet and the other is in my bedroom. When we take our coats off we empty our pockets in the on and when we change our clother for the evening we empty pockets into the other. Then in the middle of November I cash it in for Christmas shopping. You would be amazed at how quick it adds up. Last year I cashed in $200.00 worth. When my kids were younger we used to sit and roll it for a couple of days before we cashed it in and I let them split it up to do their Chrsitmas shopping. But they're both grown now so I keep it all. I don't split it with hubby! LOL it is so I make him empty his pockets when he comes in the door! He says I should have been a detective! LOL It's funny how you each habits though. My oldest son just asked me the other dayf I had cashed in my change yet and I told him it would be a couple of weeks. He said "when you do let me know and I'll send mine with you" (my bank has a counter so you don't have to roll it). I guess he's carried on the habit!