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October 28, 2008 4:34pm CST
hi-i am new could some one respond right away with out judgeing me?i am married with 3 sweet little boys that i love so husband and i have been married for 10 years we do not have a lot in comon and sometimes avoid one another to keep peace for the sake of our boys.25 years ago i met a marine that i had a daughter with.we were under alot of stress and he was gone alot i left my daughter with him when she was ayear old. i was recentley contacted by my daughter and her father what wounderful people!he is a retired captain in the marine corp she is a hair dresser that looks so much like me.he has so much respect for other people and is such a kind person he spoke to me like i have not been spoken to in a long time. the feelings that i have felt sense they have been in contact with me is over welming i relize how much i miss them and just how much i have missed by not having some one to truley care for me and respect me.again i love my boys very much and will not do any thing to hurt them i will stay for the sake of there stability and happynest.could some one please tell me what i should do?
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@lynnemg (4536)
• United States
28 Oct 08
I think that you should try to have a relationship with your daughter, but not pursue her father. There is a reason you are not with him. I also think that you should try to find a way to reconnect with your husband. Find something that you both enjoy, and do it together. You fell in love with each other for a reason.Find those things about him that made you fall in love to begin with. When you begin to think about how things COULD have been, and start to wonder, "What if", think of all that you have now. I am sure that your husband does truly care for you, maybe, you both have just grown into a comfortable love. The spasrks that were there when you first met are still there, I am sure, they just aren't as bright as they once were. This is normal. If you are having concerns about how youre husband treats you, maybe you should talk to him. He may have no idea that you feel bad in any way. Things will all work out for you, of that, I am sure. Just keep your chin up.
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29 Oct 08
lynnemeg- god bless you for being such a sweet friend.
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29 Oct 08
could some one else add a couple more comments ?it sure helps.
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
Hello Deedee! Honestly, your situation is very difficult. I know you could have decided easily whom to hod on to but your boys are very recious, I know. Whichever path you follow, keep in touch or be involved in the life of your daughter for you've missed a lot of hers, you weren't around that much when she was still growing up. I hope you'll be fine and have faith in yourself and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gift of friendship. Take care.