why girls all love shopping

October 28, 2008 10:15pm CST
do you love beautiful clothes and other things ?if you have not so much money what will you do ? will yuo borrow some money to buy the lovely commodity product ?
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• China
5 Nov 08
Before answer all your questions,let me make a clarify~Not ALL girls love shopping~some of them do love hanging around without even buying an item but some of them hate idling away precious time for shopping :D just like me~I don't like shopping when i don't even have intention to buy a thing~When i do want to buy something i prefer surfing the websites and shopping there other than shopping in the department store!:D I won't borrow money for the wanted thing except for an urgent need~I hate borrowing from friends~ I like saving money for beloved things!I enjoy my saving process:D
@Humbug25 (12551)
29 Oct 08
Hello Iyy284891086 Sure I love to shop but if I didn't have the money then I wouldn't buy it and I wouldn't borrow the money to get it either. If I was out shopping with a friend and there was an item I really wanted, I didn't have enough money on me and it didn't cost a lot then I might borrow the money from my friend but pay her back as soon as I could.
@babyorchid (1737)
• China
29 Oct 08
oh, this question should be asked myself, i am a really shopping crazier, i can't help buying all the beautiful things!!! i am so crazy that i will buy 5cloths and 5 jeans , many earrings and coats..and shoes ...at a time!! that's really terrible! i am not sure if other girls are like me. but i do. if i don't have money. ..............sometimes i will use my credit card, if i am reall too crazy for the cloths, but most time, i will take my break even into consideration first. so i am wise crazier LOL