Spreading The Wealth Let's Think About This

@mfpsassy (2827)
United States
October 29, 2008 1:34am CST
Macain is right we shouldn't be "spreading the wealth" I agree (not) let's do away with the programs that benefit from the taxes we pay that "spread the wealth". See ya later social security. Goodbye medicare and medicaid. Unemployment your gone too. TANIF Grants and foodstamps you are a thing of the past. Earned income credit we no longer need you. Sweet there is no need for us to pay taxes anymore Oh please do you really think you have paid enough in taxes to cover these programs if you need them? Social security averages what about $1000 a month. How about unemployment lets say $1500 - $2000 a month. Medicaid or care let's say $200 - $300 a month. How about that day you might need a little help getting food for your family thats about $200 - $400 a month. So on the low side you will need to have about $2900 put away every month. Do you have that much taken out of your checks every month? How about those people who use thier earned income credit to buy a car to get a job or a better job. Or maybe they will use it to move into better housing, mabe they will use it to get a better education. So what to you think?
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