With economy in crisis, do you still think of investing in Forex and stocks?

October 29, 2008 7:14am CST
I have been an avid trader since 3 years and have lost about $80k in last 6 months. Left my earlier job to do stock market business at wrong time to find myself in soup. Again joined a new job with a good takehome sal to cater atleast for living. With situation worsening now globally, I think there is no room for investors who think positively now. I was wondering whether I'm the only one or there are people who also still avoiding to invest in the markets??.
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@evillo (98)
• Egypt
29 Nov 08
Economy crisis will never be the reason why forex is making you lose money. there are billions of dollars being traded everyday along with massive losses and huge gains too. the forex market is the business that never fades. experienced traders usually take advantage of low economy and go short at cheap prices then buy when things go slightly better..and vice versa. i'm really sad to hear about your loss and hope you the best in future. because after all, white days come after black ones and summer comes after winter right ? good luck.
@aowaow (1516)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 08
Leveraging means increasing risk besides increasing gains. Forex trading and sort of above 1% margin requirement is stabbing knife for those who didn't apply risk management well. Yes, not only you who had lost such money, mostly my friends did. It almost like gambling method anyway, meanwhile our money is considered under-capitalized but hoping for huge return, which contained a huge risk if going for the opposite. 3 years is quite normal for trading-introspection, I think you understand this better than past time. Good luck.