Do you wear a helmet while riding a two wheeler?

October 29, 2008 10:57am CST
In some cities of India wearing a helmet is not compulsory and in some places it is compulsory when riding a two wheeler. A lot of people avoid wearing a helmet but have to carry it as they may be caught by the police. What they do is generally hang it on their wrist and where they come to a crossign with a policeman, tehy put it on their head. Moment they gopast the crossing, they take it off and hang it on their wrist. I find it very funny with helmets hanging on wrists. What is the point carrying a helmet if it is just adroning your wrist? How many of you hate using a helmet?
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@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 08
I always wear a helmet when ride my motorcyles. It's a rule and I must obey it. Hanging in wrist make me uncomfortable to ride my motorcycles. But most of people in my place do same in your place. Some of them doesn't bring a helmet when they ride their motorcycles, when they caught by police. They will only pay for little money and then the problem is finish. They can continue their trip. Keep post Happpy myLotting...
@sona22 (1431)
• India
29 Oct 08
I can not ride but have to become rider with my husband. We always wear helmet. It is compulsory in my city but the practice among the rider not to wear helmet. I think, if they wear helmet people will not be able to recognize them. And if people not recognize them why they drive a two wheeler?
@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
29 Oct 08
Hello! In my city of India it is mandatory to wear the helmet on the head while riding a bike.Inspite of strict measures many bike riders never use the helmet and pay the penalty when caught by the checking party.However I use the helmet most of the time.thanx.
@wafujay (115)
• Philippines
29 Oct 08
not too often. we only wear helmets when we travel long distances and when traveling on ahighway.