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October 29, 2008 8:42pm CST
Has anyone tried this? I seen ads all over the internet for it, and initially it was a patch you wore, well i never was interested when that was the case. Then they changed it to a gum with hoodia in it. Hoodia has been proven to help in losing weight and increasing energy. Anyhow, i tried it i started it back around the end of August and in 2 months i ahve lost 14 pounds! The gum isnt the most flavorful but its not disgusting either...not sure how to explain it but it makes me feel full after i have chewed it for a just a short while. I eat what i want still, but have found myself eating less and less on each meal..crazy i know, but it works. I like it so much that i just signed up to start selling the product, so if you are interested in knowing mroe, check out the banner on my profile page and if u should decide to order it, u can order it from the page the banner takes you to...good luck if you have tried this plz feel free to leave a comment of your success story
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4 Nov 08
If it makes you feel full then you are eating less eh? if you are eating less then this is why you are losing weight. Heck whatever works in stopping the calories going in can't be a bad thing. You know if you go to the gym the effect will be even greater eh? ;-)
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4 Nov 08
yes going to the gym definitely increases your weight happy im losing without the gym, though i try to go a time or two a week..not the most effective but better than not going at all.