Do you celebrate 420

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October 30, 2008 2:27am CST
Or do you think the whole think is kind of stupid. Whats so great about being stoned?
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20 Mar 10
haha i remember last 420 ... :] me and 2 freinds sat down and smoked and ounce while watching tank girl then we bent to my freinds BBB party (bongs,blunts and bubblers) it was a great day ^_^
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28 Mar 10
oh i just noticed you asked whats so great about getting stoned well... getting stoned completly supresses my insomnia,ocd and add it took away my bad eating habits, keeps me motivated to move on in life, completly relives me of all stress therefore makes you overall a happier more peacefull person. and on top of everything even if weed didnt get me high i would still smoke it because i simply love the taste the smell i love growing it inhailing it i love the social window it opens. and over the past 4 years of chronic usage it has increased my lungspan by an amazing amount, idk if it had anything to do with this but my iq raised from 128 to 146 and i am just verry verry happy about were i am in life and who i am as a person i hope this helped to answer your question. :]
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23 Apr 09
celebrate it whenever i can...and its not about being stoned...its about zoning out of the hell we call life..because every now and then you need to get away and be refreshed
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14 Feb 09
i celebrate 420 everyday.....not necessairily at 4:20 but whenever i feel like..dats like every minute.. and to answer ur question, gettin high is like d best thing u cud do.. i mean cmon u smoke a jay and by the time u reach the roach ur all lit up and happy as f#*@! , who dosent wanna be happy as f#*@! huh... The bay area is d place to be...
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5 Feb 09
every single year.. and most every day !