Is keypad or touch pad is better than a mouse in a laptop

October 30, 2008 6:04am CST
I use mouse in laptop.I feel easy with a mouse.which is suitable for you?
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@Metalchick (1391)
30 Oct 08
I have a laptop and really can't stand the soon as I could I went out to buy a mouse. The mice you can purchase nowadays have a retractable cord/wire so their very easy to story and don't get in the way. They are also half the size if not smaller than a normally mouse you would typically find on a desktop computer. Always found that when using the keypad my fingers became sore with the friction of moving the pointer about. It soon became very very uncmfortable after long usage so I had no other choice but to convert to a mouse. Nowadays I never use the keypad if at all and the mouse is so much more comfortable.
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@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
22 Feb 09
Hey, Same here. Straight away when I bought my new laptop, I went and bought a mouse at the same time I bought my laptop, I prefer a mouse since it is much faster to use.
• Malaysia
5 Nov 08
I found it's quite not comfortable to use touchpad. When I'm using touchpad, I'm just likes the children who just learn how to use laptop.. For me the mouse gives the more freedom to move around and browse anything in the laptop. Beside,when using the mouse, any respond will also be quick and fast.
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
Most of the time I use a mouse in my laptop since it makes it more easier to work rather than using the touch pad. Since my work involves a lot of internet research and Photoshop work, using the touch pad is impractical. Using the touch pad is fine when you are on travel but since there are miniature mouse available today, it would be convenient to bring one.
• Malaysia
31 Oct 08
I have no problem in using mouse or touch pad. I prefer to use touch pad when I am traveling or when I am outside my house like library, coffee shop. When I am at my room or house I will use mouse. I am lazy to bring mouse outside. I think it just add weight.