Are you in favor of Mindanao being a different state or country?

October 30, 2008 8:30am CST
The Supreme court has just ruled against the Memorandum of Agreement between MILF and the government. If Mindanao was to become a different state, or are you in favor of it? Are you in favor that the MILF should rule the state. I have been watching the news a few weeks ago and some people in Mindanao are not in favor of it. There are also some province who are against it as well. How will it affect the Philippines if Mindanao would be separated? What are your thoughts?
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• Philippines
30 Oct 08
No, if mindanao is seperated in the phils. we will lose our economic and other things that can help philippines improve.
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
I agree that Mindanao is helping the Philippines economically. But I think the goverhnment is not helping Mindanao as much as it should. Thanks for the response
@zhaychel (610)
• United Arab Emirates
6 Nov 08
NO!NO!NO! I'm not in favor of that ever since it was proposed. It's so ridiculous for these people to think that they can create their own country! I don't think they can carry the big responsibilities and obligations that it bring. Mindanao needs development and further assistance from our government. These people are too proud as if its easy to just build up a country in an instant. I will definitely migrate all my family and relatives here in Luzon if they pursue it. hmp! ^^/
@andak2007 (3229)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
if that should happen then visayas should also be separated do you agree?
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
I have to commend the Supreme Court's decision. I am not in favor that the MILF should rule the state, but I have 50-50 outlook on declaring Mindanao as a different state. I believe that Mindanao has all the resources that can sustain itself for its people. Mind you Mindanao is richer than what other islands in the country. And more or less, Mindanaoans will feel good once they see that all the taxes they are paying will really go to the development of the island. I have to say that a great chunk of the economy will most likely be affected once Mindanao is separated from the whole of the Philippines.
@phyrethyme (1267)
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
I am not aware of the details of this.. issue. I guess if the people there in Mindanao want to, there's nothing we can do. I'm on the middle ground but if they separate from us, the Philippines will be incomplete in a weird way. I guess.. If it's really advantageous to them, fine. If it makes everyone happy. 0.o
@24Champ (465)
31 Oct 08
I am not in favor of any talks that will recognize Mindanao as an island independent from the Philippines. It is enough that the ARMM is being recognized for the muslims to prove their capability to govern their affairs. But to become a separate state is a different matter. Mindanao belongs to the Philippines and not to a minute politico-cultural-religious group that is MILF. The ancestral domain premise is just a threaded alibi. There is a hidden transcript behind all these talks to wean the Mindanao off the Philippines. It is but logical for the Supreme Court to rule against the MOA.
• Philippines
31 Oct 08
philippines is too small and if mindanao will be taken as another country, philippines will have lesser resources because of the smaller territory so i really don't think it's a good idea to approve that proposal.