Best Way to earn Online.

October 30, 2008 9:34am CST
The best way to earn online is through blogging or making sites. Reason: Because when you make a site on a good niche and you have got a good content then people tend to come to your site. Also if your site is regularly updated with new and exciting articles your traffic increases in no time. But just to remember blogging is a long process..But if you succeed in it you can easily earn 1000$ a month from blogging by just writing 5 articles daily to your site. Another way to earn money is writing articles and giving services to people. Reason: Cause this field has got lots of money. The payment is too quick. It will not take you 1 month to receive your pay as it happens in many PTC sites. Also this field is more exciting and you make new friends in your life from all over the world.
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@mokbul (616)
• Singapore
30 Oct 08
You are very correct. Having own site or a blog site, and if somehow that could attract lots of traffic, then there is no other better alternative of making money online. Making a good site needs lot of times, patienec and good creativity. many of us lacking that. I personally have made few sties on blogspot but finally never completed the site. Even I have one site but I do not have patienec to try improvin or making it attractive.
• India
30 Oct 08
See making site is not a matter of 1 day. It make take you 6 months to even design a site or choose templates and other themes. Also you have to focus on only one thing. If you are too lazy it is ok..Take your for only 1 hr on your site..But work on it... The main thing is that you should have good articles coming on your site daily. Because the readers don't come to your site to see how attractive it is. They only come to see how much knowledge can they gain on that topic. If you keep your site updated daily you will really earn money. You can see my blogs: I have been updating my blogs with 1 or 2 articles daily. So I am now starting to have daily readers..Cause my site contains lots of content for my readers to read about
• India
8 Oct 11
Yeah, I agree with you.., blogging initially wont pay so using both methods simultaneously initially works best and after you are established blogger, you can go on and focus totally on your blog.
@postergal (212)
• Egypt
30 Oct 08
I do not understand how does having a lot of visitors to your blog gives u money? like who pays that money?