Maybe, More Scams.

@camomom (7535)
United States
October 30, 2008 9:35am CST
I was clicking on mainbux and this was one of the ads: sabato 25 ottobre 2008 News Update 30/10/2008 - Crewbux Moving to a new server - Buxout V2 Officially Launched !! - UrOnlineBiz discover who is behind the new site. This site is owned by the same admin who ran the well known scam site and, see here - another scam site spotted by UnOnlineBiz; this time is, who falsely claims to have been approved by UrOnlineBiz. See here - TakeTheGlobe admin accuse to be a scam revealing the owner name, see here; this is the forum admin answer, see here, where is even announced for the next week a statement about a rapid backlog solution, we'll see... - Crewbux & ThinkBux: the difficult moment continue for the two czech twin sites, struggling for sustainability... pay attention - MainBux: the site is still accessible, but the last admin access to the forum is of Oct 14, 2008 . The lack of answer from admin to the questions posted in the forum is one of the symptoms of a deteriorating situation, toghether with unwelcome posts deletion, and the forum shutting down. - Clixmx: I'm waiting for my payout on November, 1sth... i'll let you know. Update 27/10/2008 - forum not accessible (27/10/2008)... - After the first successfully payments, now i have several pending withdrawals... same history of ??? (beware!!!) - one of the best italian PTC-PTR is down for a domain problem following a domain transfer, see here - Ara-bux back online with the new rent referral mechanism. - beware of this site, i have more than 20 pending payments, they pay smaller amount and when you invest more they stop paying. I opened a dispute with AlerPay. - Clixmx Payout reopened but with some limitation. see here - Crewbux: Payout deleted again yesterday, introduced Payee Grid. To be eligible on entering the Payee Grid you have to invest 50% of your total payouts. see here Pubblicato da Gio a 14.25 0 commenti sabato 18 ottobre 2008 My PTC Journey Do you think that these are scams or just this persons opinion?
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