United States
October 30, 2008 2:50pm CST
What are your opinions on oil prices around the world? Please share your thoughts.
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• United States
30 Oct 08
I think that the oil prices going down is like awesome!!!!! I hope that if Obama wins, he helps tackle the oil that is wasting our Earth.
• United States
1 Nov 08
shut up moron and put ur head in the toilet and flush the tank
@yakubl (13)
• Malaysia
6 Nov 08
The Oil prices in the world are hard to predict and it's like market shares where the changes of prices are caused by many factors. Anyway, I hope the Oil prices will not exceed $100 per barrel.
@kellys3ps (3723)
• United States
30 Oct 08
I am so excited to see the prices going down instead of skyrocketing up!
@starzdon (17)
• Jamaica
31 Oct 08
In Jamaica where I live, the average rate of inflation is directly related to the price of oil when oil price is on the rise, but lags significantly behind when oil price falls. DC
• Indonesia
1 Nov 08
where i live, oil are subsidized by the government :)