Do u think they should change the start time for championship games?

@stinge (809)
United States
October 31, 2008 1:12am CST
Recently during the world series betwwen the rays and phillies, I've been listening to alot of talk on sports radio about the start time of these sporting events. They say that the tv networks and the sports associations schedule games to come on at a certain time for a reason. Mostly it's a money issue. And It's a competition with what other stations are airing at that same time. The argument about the world series is that the young fans don't get to stay up and watch the game because of school. I heard a comment that some of the kids were happy about the recent world series that was continued fromt he 6th inning because they actually got to see the last out of a game. The thing about these games, is the start time is usually 8pm. But by the time they finish doing all the pre-game crap that goes on in the begining, the game doesn't start until 840pm. It's frustarating for someone like me who works the nightshift as well as the younger fans. I start work at 1030 at night. I leave my house at 940. I don't get to see much of any sporting event that comes on at 8pm. Especially when they do all this singing and handing out of awards and other crap that I don't care to see. I think it would be a good idea to start these games at 7pm. They say that prime time tv starts at 8pm. If you tell people a game is supposed to start at 5,6,or 7, they will watch the game no matter what time it starts. I think 6 or 7 is a good time.
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• Philippines
10 Dec 08
They started the World Series games this past year at a very late time. It's due to an agreement between MLB and the TV networks that broadcast them. This may have caused the ratings to dip as many are not able to stay up that late to watch the two teams go at it. I hope that they get to start the game a little earlier, so that everyone would not have to stay up late just to get an outcome.
@stinge (809)
• United States
10 Dec 08
One thing I didn't think about was the time zone difference between the east and west coast. The games do start pretty late one the east coast, usually at 8pmm but on the west coast it's only 5pm. Maybe a 7pm east coast start time is good.