Rice Shortage

@Jean25 (344)
October 31, 2008 10:34am CST
When you're entire Family is out of food, particularly rice. a thousand families will aide you..into giving rice
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• Philippines
10 Aug 09
there was a rice problem in the country but many rumored that the business man were just making it as a scam to hoard more food and some even schemed to use different packages to fool people into buying expensive fake rice.
@kedves (728)
4 Nov 08
rice is a major part of most diets as it gives plenty of nutritional values. its a staple food that i guess can be grown readily and cheaply although i understand it actually is hard on labour and requires a lot of rain. i am not sure if im correct but i think it is probably one of the biggest grains produced. i think its not what people give we should look at but its the fact that people do give something to help you that is important. :)
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
4 Nov 08
Since rice is a necessity for food especially in Asia...it would really be nice if others would share their rice to needy people.
@abyin007 (426)
• India
31 Oct 08
i wonder why u ask this question... but u r right rice is one of the most freely given food given by people mainly from countries like India, Pakisthan,Bangladesh etc... and even the owner of a resturent from our place will give rice as free for beggers and poor children....