Please!!! Help me!!!!

@Ksenia (427)
November 7, 2006 7:37am CST
1)At last night somebody tried to enter in my house threw the window..and I was alone...I turned on the light in my room and he ran away..I'm so scared! 2) I invited some friends to this site..but they live in Amerika...I use iKOBO..the must use PayPal..but they have the problem when they register with some account..What is that?? Do they need to pay some money? because I didn't have any problem with account
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@forfein (2507)
7 Nov 06
Hi Ksenia HHHHhhmmmm this is a problem. You say "He" ran away so we can assume he is male. Did you recognise him? Have you seen him before? You are a very good looking woman, so maybe he is not after your money, but after you. Sorry, did not mean to frighten you there, but if you have any idea who he is, it is time to stop him NOW! It may be better to get some friends to stay with you for a while to see what happens. Reference your second post, what is wrong with PayPal??