An adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 31, 2008 8:45pm CST
One sunny moring in autumn I left my frinend's house and wnet for a walk along a hill path.It was a warm day and there was no one on the path.At the end of the path I was sitting down to rest when a big black dog suddenly appeared.It ran up to me barking and lay down at my feet.I touched its head.When I started to walk home,it followed me and it would not go away.It had a collar round its neck but there was no name on the collar.When I got home.I rang up the nearest Police-station.I told the police that I had found a big black dog.I said that I would keep it untile its owner called for it.I gave the police my name and address.Two days later and old gentlman came to my home ot ask about the dog.He said he had lost his dog because it hated rideing in cars.One day it jumped out of the open window of his car.He offered me ten dollars,but I did not take the money,then he gave me his name and address and invited me to visit him.
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