your favorite Counter-strike clan

November 1, 2008 1:11am CST
hello guys, this is my first new discussion post. Hope you like it. ^^ mine is SK gaming, Complexity gaming and Team Fnatic. so what's yours? include player names is optional. more power \m/
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• India
1 Nov 08
I dn't know the of names players, but i like Mission games very much.... So i want to ask you about this game counter strike.... Tell me about this game....
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
i'm afraid you really need to see and play the game. If you wanna know more about.
@SeishiroX (1076)
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
it's a multiplayer first person shooter, my friend. There are two competing teams: the Terrorist and the Counter-terrorist. The Terrorist holds hostages or plants bombs. The Counter-Terrorist try to rescue them or defuse the bombs. That's just about it.
@suahsan (785)
• United States
24 Oct 10
hello guys,,my favorite clan is incredible| ..i know many peoples nt knowing this clan name ...but this is one of the best clan in this world ..guys search about this clan i seek the matches of this clan .....
• United States
10 Mar 10
i dont really know what my favorite counter strike clan is. but i know i really love to play counter strike alot. it is so cool. those are some pretty nice clans though. i have never heard of those ones before. one clan that i have been in is called cold blooded killers.
@jerro39 (23)
• United States
4 Dec 09
MoB is deifinitely a great gaming community with profession teams in many leagues covering many games. I would have to say that my favorite clan is "Brothers In Arms" , but that's probably just because I'm in it.
• India
20 Apr 09
SK gaming and TeamPentagram are my favourites.. :)
• Sweden
6 Dec 08
SK pwn