Should i buy a psp or ps3??

November 1, 2008 2:32am CST
I have collected alot of money and the time has come for me to use them. I am thinking of buying a psp or ps3 but confused which one should i buy. I know a ps3 has a blu ray player but its not portable like a psp and psp games are cheaper! So please suggest me what should i buy?
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@rapraptor (120)
• Romania
1 Nov 08
i ahve a useful when you go i a trip or you are travelling..the PS3 is better ...has cool graphics..blu ray...i rocomand you THE PS3
1 Nov 08
i have a ps3 and a psp i very rarely use my psp although the games are cheap for psp the games are not even as good as the ps3 games. the ps3 games are more addictive i could play the ps3 for 5 hours a day but i have not played my psp in ages but that could just be because don't have many psp games but i only have 4 ps3 games but i am always on my ps3 in-fact i don't know why i am not on it now. i would say by a ps3 because it is more addictive and you can play online and when you play online you never play with the same people so it is always different.