German Shepherds bite humans the most?

@dumindum (160)
November 1, 2008 11:02am CST
Yesterday I say in a newspaper that German Shepherds bite humans the most. My neigbour has a german shepherd, Its really friends, I was gonna buy one this week. Is it true??
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1 Nov 08
Things like this really upset me. Not that I am upset with you, because you are just curious, but all of this uproar about certain breeds of dogs being more aggressive and prone too attacking than others really sets me off. There is no such thing as specific breeds that are more dangerous than others, it is all in how you raise the dog, and the blood line of the dog. You can take a puppy from a mean mother and make it an excellent dog if you care for it and train it like a dog should be trained. An inbred dog is another story. Inbred dogs do usually have mental issues that cause aggressive behavior. It is not true about German Shepherds, Pitt Bull terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, or any other breed specific group. More people are bitten each year by Cocker Spaniels and small nippy dogs than they are these other breeds, they are just not publicized as much because they are smaller dogs and don't do as much damage to the person that they have attacked. I am gonna stop rambling now and give you a link source to look at and get your own idea! Go ahead and buy that German Shepherd, I bet he or she will be the most loyal and loving dog you could ask for if treated right.
@trickiwoo (2702)
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1 Nov 08
Almost my whole life my parents have owned German Shepherds and none of them have ever bit anyone. I also do a lot of volunteer work with shelter dogs. I'm around all kinds of pit bulls, german shepherds, rottweilers, etc. and I've never had any of them bite me. No breed of dog is more likely to bite. All breeds of dogs could bite if provoked, frightened, abused, or trained to be aggressive. Dogs like german shepherds are often used as guard dogs because they are naturally protective. These dogs are often left chained up in yards without any type of socialization. Dogs need to be properly socialized to be well balanced dogs. Dogs that are left chained up outside without any interaction are very unbalanced and don't know how to properly deal. So they react by biting or attacking people who come near them. So it's not the breed that makes them bite, it's how they've been raised. If you do get a dog, make sure you spay or neuter it. Unfixed dogs are more aggressive and are therefore more likely to bite. Also, do your research before getting a dog! If you're looking to get a certain breed, make sure you read up on the breed and are able to meet the needs of the dog. German Shepherds are very high energy dogs and they need somewhere to direct this energy. German Shepherds need a lot of exercise and a lot of walks. My parents walk their German Shepherds several miles a day every single day. If German Shepherds don't have a proper outlet (exercise and walks) they are more likely to have behavioral problems. So make sure you know what you're getting into before getting a dog! To find available dogs in your area, just visit
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2 Nov 08
Thank you for mentioning the Spay/Neuter! That is very important. I can't believe that I forgot that. No only does it help with aggression and being super territorial, but it also insures that there are not even more homeless dogs in this already sadly over crowded world. There are so many dogs and cats euthanized in pounds everyday and there are still people out there just breeding and breeding only for the money, not because they actually care about the dogs. That is also a cause for aggressiveness due to inbreeding!!