goverment mistakes vs. Our mistakes.

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November 1, 2008 12:53pm CST
i was just thinkin did you guys every notice that when the president messed up we have to pay. more taxes or we have to cut back on something. how bout when we mess up we have to pay dont you think the president should pay when he messes up . its not exactly right that he is running our countrying into the ground and we still suffer how bout he pays up because hes a bad president and because he isnt such a great leader like he promised he should pay for his mistakes like we do ours.??? p.s. the president's mistakes are huge life changin mistakes ours arent that bad like we forgot to put gass in the car how can it be fair.??
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• United States
1 Nov 08
I think you are questioning things that really don't have any answers. What can we do about these things you are talking about well not much or nothing. We can go out and vote and hope our government will make a change for the better. Just how is the president suppose to pay for huge mistakes. You're asking questions that can't be answered or that there is no easy answer for. Our current president won't be in office but a couple more months. We need a change in our administration. Certain things can't be undone and so the best thing to do is to do things differently and take actions that are positive for all peoples. We need a president that ponders things like JFK did and puts people in consideration. We don't need another president who would act rash and very fast making extremely bad decisions that could, or are, still affecting us Americans in a negative fashion. Just what kind of payment are you thinking he should do? I mean what could he possibly do now to undo damage he caused? Are you talking money he should pay or what are you talking about?