I did! I actually did it!

@hdjohnson (2981)
United States
November 1, 2008 1:20pm CST
Okay, yesterday the 31st of October, my mylot balance was $14.95. I was $0.05 shy of making my $15 goal. I was very disappointed as well, simply because my balance from August rolled over was a little over $5. The reason why I wanted to get over $15, was to see if I could actually make payout by the end of October. So when I noticed my balance of $14.95 on October 31. That meant I was $0.51 off from making the $10 payout for the entire month of October without a previous balance. Well I checked my balance today, as I didn't know that what I did from yesterday or last night would be calculated into October's ending month totals. I ended with a total of $15.47. A cool $0.52, which is $0.01 higher than what I actually needed to meet the $10 monthly goal. So I did it. And I wasn't as active as I was the first part of the month like I was toward the middle and especially the end of October. So that means if I am more active in the upcoming months, that I will be able to make payout before the end of every month. My strategy is to make payout as early as possible and then cruise through the remainder of the month verses struggling to make the end meet my goal. Do you think I have a good plan? How about you, have you set a month mylot payout goal? Is your $10 or higher? Have you been able to reach your goal on a consistent monthly basis? Care to share your story?
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@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
Congratulations my friend! I am very happy for you, so that is the reason why I have been seeing a lot of your discussions before.. my goal when I fist joined mylot is to be able to reach the minimum pay out which is 10. I joined here around first week of August and I thought it would be hard to reach it, but then I did and after that I set a higher goal, that is 30 dollars per month and since I set that goal I am still not able to reach it, I would do good usually on the first week, lie low on the second and third and do good again on the third, it always happens that things came in the way, hopefully this month I can reach that 30 dollars matrk
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@hdjohnson (2981)
• United States
2 Nov 08
Great that is a very good goal! I hope you are able to make it as well. I know I wouldn't be able to make that type of a goal consistent every month on mylot. I don't spend enough time on it in order to make that much. I usually get about $0.25-$0.79 per day, depending on my activity levels on a given day. I looked at it and long as I earn around $0.40 per day every day, I will easily earn my $10 minimum each month. So on the days that I earn more than that I will definitely be happy about it. Sadly to say, I'm planning not to procrastinate later in the month to try and get reach payout then. I will reach payout early as possible and then just have smooth sailing for the rest of the month! Good luck with your goals.