Nights in Rodanthe

@taface412 (3175)
United States
November 1, 2008 2:04pm CST
I just finished this book last night. Fast read. And I have to tell you if you are a romance person...well there you go. I have not seen the movie yet and everyone I know sho has said that the book was better...and honestly I knew what the ending was going to be even though I hoped against it. Without giving away the book for those of you who have not read is most defintely the kind of romance that is realistic and should be regarded highly...this is a story where anyone can identify with the characters and either confirm how they view love and life or begin to understand the true meaning of love. Nicholas Sparks is a wonderful author. And this is my first read of his and I have seen the movie "The notebook" which I know is based from one of his novels. It is lovely to find male authors who can really write from a woman's perspective and really hit the nail on the head. Do you agree?
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