Nanowrimo 2008... I will win!

@cripfemme (7710)
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November 1, 2008 9:42pm CST
I'm going to win Nanowrimo 2008 so help me God! I realized that if I want to win, instead of failing as I did (badly), my other four attempts, I needed to attack it like a do any organizing project. This is my schedule: Nov. 1 to Nov 4- 500 words a day (Election is priority. Go Obama!) By Nov 8- catch up by this day on the 4,666 words I am behind due to political organizing and work Write minimum 30 minutes per day Nano; try to week 1666 words a day, catch up on weekends if needed. I aspire to be done the 28th, so I will have two "make up" days to complete the novel. Attend write in's a Panara Bread in Hadley on Mondays at 7pm to be inspired. Although I don't know how I'll write there as I don't have a laptop!
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3 Nov 08
Good luck! It sounds like you're organized and determined so I'm sure you'll do it. I've won four times, so I know what it takes! I've seen people bring notebooks to write-ins and write longhand. It would take longer than typing (at least for me), but write-ins are so inspiring that it's probably worth it anyway. Oh... and you probably shouldn't spend too much time on mylot if you want to win ;)
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2 Nov 08
I hope you make it. This is my third try, and I have a good feeling about it this time. I wrote 4,000 words yesterday, the most I've ever written in one day, and I have almost 1,000 so far today. I hope you don't get discouraged because you're strarting off slow. There's plenty of time to catch up, and then if you can get ahead far enough, you can take some time off. I have a paid blog that I try to write for every day, so it's going to be a real challenge keeping all the balls in the air. I'm trying to stay away from the forum, but I can't help peeking at some of the word count threads to see how people are coming along. This morning, some of them are up to 12,000 words. I'm jealous, but I know some of them are very fast typists, and they're used to writing fiction. Good luck!
@paid2write (5201)
2 Nov 08
Go on cripfemme, you can do it! I am full of admiration for anyone attempting such a feat. I don't write fiction and I know I could never construct a novel. I do write every day, and I could write as much as that in a month on my blogs, in my articles and posting at myLot, so I know it is possible for you to achieve. I wish you success with your schedule and hope you stay inspired.