November 2, 2008 12:30am CST
I have posted a discussion here 2 years ago and for about a year I did not have time to log in on my my lot account..After 1 year a lot of changes in my life..I have now have an answers to all of my questions 2 years ago why my long time boyfriend who turned to be now my husband is cold as ice in our relationship..There's a 3rd party involved.And not just other woman but he is already have son with the girl when the time he confessed on me...That was last 6 mos ago and me and our own daughters(3 years old) life totally changed..Its really wrecked everything on us..Now my husband is decided to move out and live with the girl and his illegitimate son..I'am the legal wife but I chose to be silent and not doing any violent reaction for my daughter's sake...But its really killing me inside..How on earth this kind of things happened...I'm just hoping that me and my daughter cope up and forget everything faster..and started our new life and be happy.I know there's a lot out there whose on the same situation as mine..please pray..And try to forgive them..It's for you to free your anger to move.Your doing it not for them but for yourself...Count all the beautiful and wonderful things you had and it will make you smile...Live yourlife to the fullest! =).
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@lilaclady (28224)
• Australia
2 Nov 08
You really don't need a man like this, you have a beautiful daughter, and you are young enough to go on and maybe meet someone new that will treat you and your daughter well...always remember you are morally free to do that now, just love your daughter you are lucky to have her, some people have no will be ok....