Success experience with myLot - Referrals

November 2, 2008 1:10am CST
I joined myLot 4 months ago but did not take the time to post. I was reluctant at first and since it was my first time, I don't know how to more around here yet. In short, I ignored myLot for 2 months. Then, 2 months ago, I revisited myLot to browse and check it again, that's the time that I started joining discussions. I was busy in September and October so my participation here were just limited. I'm into events and video editing, that means, when I have a project, I can't even check other sites except for my emails. I then started inviting friends and posted several ads about mylot in some forums. For 5 weeks of that, I have now gained 27 referrals and still counting... It's really fun to see that you're earning online more than expected. So, guys, please keep on myLotting! For my secret with looking and inviting for referrals, it's in my profile and websites. It's an OPEN SECRET. Check it if you have time soon.
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• India
2 Nov 08
congo man. You are a great source of inspiration for me. I would try and get some refrels . I have none here .
@miketagz (8907)
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
I want to invite my chatmates, thats my idea to catch many referrals and I earn more, and more, and even higher. I cant wait my payouts. :D