i really like online games....

November 2, 2008 4:02am CST
i love playing online games during my vacant time. its very interesting for me and i also meet lot of friends from other country thru online games. Before i play Khan, Flyff, and RF and now im plying MU(Evilflames, Audition, O2Jam and Ran.
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• India
3 Nov 08
I also love playing online games and especially I like zapak.com as it is very good sites are playing online games. There are many small games there to play and enjoy when you are free they also don't take much time and you can get back quickly to work after playing a small game, just a relief!
@Rafayel (54)
• Sri Lanka
4 Jul 09
i play lots of online games as well. Atm my attention is more focused on Flyff, and maybe SuddenAttackSEA. Umm, do u still play flyff? what server are u on?
@postergal (212)
• Egypt
4 Nov 08
there is this site worldwinner it has great game, my favorite and my ultimate passion is bejewled. If you upgrade in this site you can even play for money. Too bad it doesn't let you upgrade if you're from my country this would've been a great source of income for me since I got great scores. well anyway I totally recommend that site and recommend bejeweled lol
• Malaysia
4 Nov 08
yeah i like online game too! i once addicted to maple story but then the levelling was getting harder and harder. and then i gave up.. im interested in ragnarok online too! but i don't understand how it works -_- and then i left it.. and thats the last online game i ever played. considering on trying it again :) any good online game recommendation?
@nadooa247 (1096)
• United States
4 Nov 08
I play more than one or two online games... it is a way to pass time and as you said pass time. But i still do enjoy playing chess or a card game with a friend more than online games. Gives things a different dimension. One thing that i miss is playing against my brother on his Wii lol we would get so insane! It was just good fun playing and goofing off =) I live far from my parents so playing with him on his Wii is impossible unless when i go for my yearly visit.
@jazz555 (236)
• India
4 Nov 08
Me never tried any online games before, but i got introduced to Counter-Strike in my college. Now i got addicted to this game , so i play online 4 hrs a day ...I love playing with all pros online.. Counter-Strike ROCKZZ
@skbh12 (2946)
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
[b]hi emz_chuy! i once got addicted with online games too such as audition and O2 jam games but i wanted to learn how to play online rpg games such as ragnarok, dota and other else rpg games. it is just that i am not really good with understanding how it works and i think i won't have any patience to it. happy posting and happy mylotting![/b]